Using your Lite-On drive with Link2TV and your TV’s media player it’s easy to bring great memories, fun celebrations, and happy times to your TV screen without a computer.
※ Link2TV feature not available in all regions, please check with your local sales representative.

Does your TV/device let you view files on a USB flash drive?
Now with a Lite-On Link2TV drive it can easily read files on disc too without a PC!
Mode 1 - Connect to PC to use as a great external DVD burner
Mode 2 - Connect to TV to enjoy videos, photos, and music

Depends on the TV or the device

  • Maximum of 500 files/folders per disc.
  • Only supports 2 directory levels.
  • The amount of time it takes to read the disc when the drive is connected to TV or a USB supported device is determined by the size of the files, LED light will blink to indicate that the disc is being read.
  • The supported file formats are dependent on the TV (or the device), not on the drive.
  • When under Link2TV mode, the drive can only be used to read files; it is unable to burn discs or files in this mode.
  • When using Link2TV mode, the drive emulates an external hard drive, therefore it can only be used to read and display data files, it cannot read copyright protected DVDs in Link2TV mode.
  • Using a USB cable other than the one supplied may not work or may increase the time needed to read files.
  • Before you connect the drive to TV, please check the TV manual for the correct way to enter USB mode.
  • In Link2TV mode the drive uses the playback ability of the device that it is connected to, it does not act as a DVD video player.

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