The revolutionary new disc burning tool for iOS users


Taipei, Taiwan The global leader in optical storage solutions, Lite-On gives visitors to their Computex stand the chance to try a pre-release version of MyDisk Suite, their revolutionary integrated disc burning tool for the PC, iPad, & iPhone. Also on display will be their new generation of optical drives including the USB 3.0 eHBU212 12x BD burner.

Taipei, Taiwan - July 23, 2009 – Lite-On (www.liteonit.com), a global leader of optical storage solutions, announces the new eTDU108 external slim DVD-ROM drive. The eTDU108 lets users play back content, access data and install software from CD or DVD discs. Its top-load design and two color options make it stylish, convenient and space-saving.

Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions: a leading company in Blu-ray optical storage

Long History and Reputation in Optical Drive Business
Positions Company as Industry Leader in New BD Format

Taipei, Taiwan - March 20, 2008 - Now that the "format war" between Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD-DVD appears to be over with Blu-ray emerging as the winner, Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS), a worldwide leader in Optical Drive Disc (ODD) manufacturing, have positioned themselves to become the industry leading manufacturer of Blu-ray writers and readers (BD-ROM). In 2006, Lite-On IT wisely positioned itself to compete in both formats by first signing an agreement with Toshiba to license its use of HD-DVD patents.  Later that year Lite-On IT acquired BenQ's Optical Storage business and the existing joint venture between BenQ and Royal Philips Electronics (PBDS) was renamed Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions.  Since Philips is a board of directors' member of the Blu-ray Disc Association and owner of various Blu-ray Disc related patents, the new partnership gave Lite-On IT access to numerous patents which allowed the company to begin R&D and ultimately production of its current line of Blu-ray Disc products.
The latest DVD writing technology, 4x DVD-R DL ( Dual Layer ) burning, has been implemented into new Lite-On IT ATAPI / E-IDE 16x DVD Dual drives : SOHW-1693S. This DVD Dual Drive is able to write certified DVD-R DL ( Dual Layer ) & DVD+R DL ( Double Layer ) media at 4x maximum, write single layer DVD+R & DVD-R at 16x maximum, rewrite High-Speed DVD+RW at 8x maximum, rewrite High-Speed DVD-RW at 6x maximum, and read DVD-ROM media at 16x maximum. It takes around 6 minutes to backup 4.7 GB data on a certified single layer DVD+R or DVD-R media at 16x maximum. It can save you a lot of time and trouble for data storage. This drive is not only a powerful DVD ReWriter but also an Ultra-Speed CD-RW drive. It can write CD-R media at 48x maximum, rewrite Ultra-Speed CD-RW media at 24x maximum, and read CD-ROM media at 48x maximum. SOHW-1693S has the best CD-R writing performance in the current market of 16x DVD Dual ReWriters. No matter what you want to backup important or personal data from (digital still camera, digital video camcorder, TV, etc.), SOHW-1693S is your best choice for recording large volumes of DVD audio & video. An amazing Lite-On IT 16x DVD Dual Drive with the fastest DVD writing & rewriting function can meet your desires for DVD title creating and multi-media applications on PCs. Built-in SMART-BURN technology provides Buffer UnderRun Free function and great media compatibility for high-speed writing DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / CD-R / CD-RW media. Innovative SMART-X technology provides smooth & stable Audio CD / VCD / DVD playback and high-performance DAE / VCD / DVD data extraction. Power saving function is also ready.