DS-8ACSH-Premm (12.7”)

Our Commitment with Best Product Quality and Technical Support Lite-ON premium optical disc drive DS-8ACSH-Premm, is a professional-use slim type DVD drive (12.7mm ODD).Using high quality key components, DS-8ACSH-Premm perform as a very high quality CD/DVD drive.It supports all popular CD and DVD discs in the market with very good disc compatibility and writing quality.Under the strongest support from our experienced and professional ODD team, LiteON premium drive can satisfy every special requirement and application of slim type optical disc drive in the world. (PLDS ODD TSST TEAC HLDS 飛利浦建興 備份 光儲存 光碟片 光碟機 Toshiba Samsung Hitachi LG音樂CD數位化 WIFI)

  1. Design enhancement to focus on specific drive requirements

    The design of LITE-ON’s premium ODD is focus on high usage frequency, stable quality and specific features request. LITE-ON has enhanced drive components design, storage life and stability related items; also developed different industries’ applications to meet customers’ demands.
  2. Manufacturing Process and Quality Enhancement

    Except design, to keep ODD build quality LITE-ON has improved the process control on both ODD production and quality control
  3. Support Disc Quality Test Function

    LITE-ON provides specific features on disc servo signal and writing quality check

    - Servo signal measurement: Include focus error (FE) and tracking error (TE)

    - Writing quality measurement: Include writing jitter, writing beta and writing data correction (PIE, POE)
  4. System integration optimization

  5. Example of working with Judicial monitor system (Buffer planning)
  6. LITE-ON has re-planned buffer management control to match different industries’ application requests and optimize the data transferring between ODD and host PC to avoid writing data loss due to buffer management difference.
  7. Writing stability enhancement

  8. 1 to 10 writing test(take copy machine as an example)
  9. LITE-ON improves servo stability control to avoid ODD to lower writing speed during copying. On special occasion like operating 2 or more ODDs, LITE-ON’s customer does not need to worry about the servo control and data transfer interference due to unsynchronized writing.
  10. Drive and Disc integration total solution

    LITE-ON’s premium drives tailored with fine-tuned support disc media list to provide best media compatibility and writing quality assurance. All these can prevent writing failure or loss if choosing improper disc media.

  11. Sustainable development product

    LITE-ON’s premium ODD belongs to sustainable development product line. The product life cycle is sustainable and will not to be replaced like normal IT product and can avoid the impact of ODD EOL and product time-consuming re-verification process.

DVD Family Write Speed DVD+R 8X maximum
DVD-R 8X maximum
DVD+R DL 6X maximum
DVD-R DL 6X maximum
ReWrite Speed DVD+RW 8X maximum
DVD-RW 6X maximum
Read Speed DVD-ROM CAV 8X maximum
Access Time 150ms  
CD Family Write Speed CD-R 24X maximum
ReWrite Speed CD-RW 24X maximum
Read Speed 24X maximum  
Access Time 130ms  
MTBF(Life) 60000 Hours
Compatibility Microsoft Windows 8/7 32 or 64 bit verion; or Windows XP; Linux and Mac OS supported
PC Required Pentium 4 1.3GHz or faster CPU, 512 MB DRAM Required
Environment Operating 5℃ to 35℃; Relative Humidity: 10% to 80% (non-condensing)  
Dimensions 128(W) x 12.7(H) x 126.1(D) mm
Weight 170 +/- 0.5g
Voltage Requirements +5V +/-5% and less than 100 mVp-p ripple voltage from 1KHz to 1MHz
  *1 SMART-BURN : Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for BURNing.
*2 SMART-X : Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction.