Terms of Use

We from PLDS Corporation are dedicated to guard the privacy of the online visitors to our website and we want to inform you about our policies regarding the information that is collected from you when visiting our website. As a visitor you can visit our website without having to reveal or share any personal information. In any exceptional situation where PLDS needs to gather personal data electronically, we will provide notice, choice, access and security in ways described below.

For statistical purposes only, our web servers collect domain names and not the e-mail addresses. This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the website, or pages viewed. This data is only used to measure website usage and may serve as input to improve website content. This process is completely anonymous. Our web servers, like many other websites, also seek to place a small file with data (a cookie) on your computer's hard drive. A cookie allows the server to recognize your computer when it visits the website again and its information will serve as input for the improvement of site navigation and will not be used to gather any personal data. The information will be used for internal and statistical purposes only.

All transfers of personal information are subject to PLDS's Internet Security Standards.

The PLDS website may provide links to other websites that are not controlled by PLDS Corporation. These websites do not fall under this privacy policy. Please refer to the privacy policies provided on these websites if you choose to visit them.

If you have any concerns regarding the fulfillment of this privacy policy during your visit of this website, please e-mail us.